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Speaking out for life 

To the Editor:

To Sam Fuentes, Edna Chavez, Delaney Tarr, David Hogg and all the leaders of the gun control movement, thank you for speaking out on an issue reflecting your passion. Your youthful voices raised on behalf of life are welcomed and appreciated.

We older Americans laud your enthusiasm, your energy and commitment. You are learning to participate in representative government.

Innocent lives have been snuffed out all over our nation. Ruthless killers have slaughtered many school children in recent years – and let us not forget, 60 million unborn babies have died at the hands of abortionists since 1973.

We know you have the intelligence to put this tragedy into perspective. So, when you attack Planned Parenthood as forcefully as you vilify the NRA, your movement will have credibility. Smart young people won’t waste energy tightening screws on the deck chairs when the huge vessel is going down.

We wish for you maturity in thinking.

Norman Baxter


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