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Regarding mass shootings 

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Alalof [“Solutions to school shootings,” West Newsmagazine, March 14] stating “some obvious truths were missed” during the White House listening session. His indirect intent is control and government intervention to keep us “safe.”

Our constitutional republic is unique in the world, having the right to self-preservation written into our founding document. Arbitrary “control” scenarios sought by politicians historically become forced confiscation making criminals of lawful citizens.

Gun-free zones are the overwhelmingly dangerous exception, not the norm. By FBI mass shooting definition, the majority of public occurrences since 1950 are in gun-free zones.

As rates of ownership have increased, gun violence has decreased. A 2013 CDC study showed guns used defensively overwhelmingly more than criminally.

The statement of a lone shooter scenario being “combat” is false. Limiting access to schools is the most rational, prudent safety step, and should be done without delay.

More lawful citizens are becoming armed. Crime rates are falling, yet societal assumption of “safety” is an illusion. Some people always will cause harm to others. The obvious, rational “end game” is people realizing their right to self-preservation and preventing additional victims.

The last “obvious truth” stated by Mr. Alalof is blatantly false inflammatory rhetoric. Criminal use of guns is the problem.

AR15s are not military weapons. The Florida shooter did not use extended magazines. No harm was caused by five million other AR15s that day. Only five U.S. mass shootings since 1990 were with AR15s. Most mass shootings are committed with pistols. Those facts counter the progressive narrative; people demanding “control” but who really mean banning and confiscation.

Mr. Alalof did strike one truth: culture has changed. Activists mourn the 7,000 victims since Sandy Hook, but ignore the 4.3 million lost in the same time period to the genocidal, euphemistic hypocrisy of “reproductive rights.”

Surrendering your individual rights to the state for the illusion of safety is pure folly.

Mark T. Ryan

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