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2018 Light of Parkway award honors non-certified staff

By: Bonnie Krueger

Five Parkway employees have been chosen to receive the Light of Parkway award. They are Linda Barthel, cafeteria manager, Oak Brook Elementary; Edin Besic, construction supervisor, Facilities; Pat Farley, budget and athletic secretary, North High; Karen Isaac, bus driver, Transportation; Carol Tice, confidential specialist, Instructional Services Center.

The five winners were chosen from the 33 non-certified staff nominees. They will receive $500 from the Parkway Alumni Association at an Appreciation Evening on April 23.

The Light of Parkway award is designed to bring recognition to the district’s operations [non-certified] staff members who have helped to create a positive and caring environment for the people they serve. The award honors the memory of Sandy Finch, a former Parkway bus driver known for her exceptionally upbeat attitude and helpful interactions with staff, students and parents. The award for operations staff is made possible by the Parkway Alumni Association’s Sandy Finch Light of Parkway Fund.

Carol Tice, Light of Parkway recipient

Edin Besic, Light of Parkway recipient

Karen Isaac, Light of Parkway recipient

Linda Barthel, Light of Parkway recipient

Pat Farley, Light of Parkway recipient

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