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Local students sweep the podium at Science Fair

Students sweep the podium at Science Fair

The Academy of Science-St. Louis announced the top students who participated in the Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair Honors Division at Webster University.

Jerry Zhang, a senior at Marquette High, won top honors in first place for his project, “A Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulation of a Quantum Entanglement Experiment of the Decay of Spin-Singlet State Positronium: Computer Replication and Multiple Scattering Mitigation,” earning a $3,000 scholarship.

Earning a second place win was Neil Tomala, a junior at Parkway West High. He earned a $2,000 scholarship for his project, “Data-Analytics Modeling to Detect Peripheral Neuropathy: Augmenting Big Data with Google Trends.”

Zhang and Tomala now are qualified to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May and will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the event.

Third place went to Alan Peng, a senior at Rockwood Summit High, who won a $2,000 scholarship for his project, “The Lusztig-Vogan Bijection in the Case of the Trival Representation.”
Awards will be presented to the top three students at the 2018 Academy of Science – St. Louis Outstanding Scientist Awards Dinner to be held on April 5.

Other area finalists, awarded $1,000 each, include [in alphabetic order]:

• Lauren Gallagher, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of Different pH Levels on Artemia franciscana”

• Vishnu Kumar, Marquette High, “The Validation of the Psychological Effects of ‘Superbrain Yoga’ through the use of a Brain-Computer Interface”

• Margie Lodes, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Phytoplankton”

• Nikhil Mitra, Rockwood Summit High, “A Thermodynamic Approach to Predicting Gal4 Binding”

• Divya Srihari, John Burroughs, “Targeted anti-cMYC-MAX targeted drug anti-restenosis therapy preserves endothelial proliferation healing capacity while inhibiting Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation”

Semifinalists [in alphabetic order] include:

• William Chen, Parkway South High, “Evaluating the effect of varied pressure on the production of nano/sub-micron hydrogel particles through multiple apparatuses”

• Caroline Dunn, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of Angle of Incline on Knee Joints”

• Shreya Gautam, Marquette High, “Socio-Economic County-Level Factors of Prescription Opioid Availability and Abuse”

• Kara Greger and Emma Mueller, St. Joseph’s Academy, “The Effect of Caffeine on a Daphnia’s Heartrate”

• Madison Guzy, St. Joseph’s Academy, “Understanding the Impact of Cultural Eutrophication on Aquatic Resources”

• Samiya Sajid, Al-Salam Day School, “The Astonishing Effects of Almond on Teenage Memory”

• Ethan Wang, John Burroughs, “The Effect of Sterols on the Thermostability of Voltage-Dependent Anion Channels”

The scientists placing as finalists or semifinalists will bring their projects to the K-12 Academy of Science – St. Louis Science Fair to compete for special awards in April. Scholarships awarded to the top 10 students are made possible through the Monsanto Fund.

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