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Raintree School in Town & Country installs EV charge station

By: Ellen Lampe

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates about 15 million electric vehicles will be on the road in the United States by the year 2030. In the St. Louis area, however, options for electric vehicle [EV] drivers are limited. There are only 11 charge stations available, and EV drivers rely on them.

In order to meet increasing demand, the St. Louis area recently got its 12th charge station; a public DC Fast Charger now is open at Raintree School. The quick-charge station has the ability to fully charge two cars in 30 minutes or less, giving parents a quick boost at pick-up and drop-off time.

“Schools are an excellent choice for public fast charging,” Ilya Eydelman, president of Raintree School, explained. “It allows drivers to easily charge their car while chatting with teachers, enjoying breakfast with their child and during school events. Located in the heart of every community, schools are an easy stopping point in the neighborhood.”

Raintree School is committed to sustainable practices and making a positive impact in St. Louis. With only a few public charge stations in West County, the newest charging station at Raintree School is conveniently located near Interstate 270, Queeny Park, and right along the path to local schools.

“It’s about supporting green lifestyles by making it hassle-free for St. Louis families,” Eydelman said. “I hope we are the first of many St. Louis schools to provide EV solutions for the community.”

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