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Not your average gift

What do you get for the child who is no longer a baby, not yet an adult, and whose interests and talents still are being discovered? No matter how well you may know a child, some ages just are hard to shop for. Believe it or not, there is one perfect gift suitable for most any child, boy or girl, shy or outgoing, athletic or artsy, and anywhere in between: summer camp.

Summer camp is more than just a place; it’s an intangible experience with countless benefits. It’s not commonly thought of as a “gift-able” thing but, in reality, it’s the perfect solution to a “what to get?” conundrum. In fact, it’s one of the best gifts one could give a child.

And luckily, these days, there is a camp for everything.

If you’re not sure what the child is interested in at the moment, cover your bases by gifting them a sampler camp full of many different activities.

For the right-brained child, consider a music, dance, art or theater camp. When you hear them play a beautiful piece at their next piano recital, you can smile knowing it was a worthwhile gift.

The time spent at camp – whether a day, a week or longer – has a lasting impact. Often times, the most important and beloved friends in people’s lives were those they befriended at summer camp.

When considering gifting a camp, first alert the child’s parents to make sure they are OK with the gesture. Check for any scheduling conflicts. Next, consider the child’s age and needs – is a day camp or longer camp the way to go? Once you know the time frame and type of camp you’re looking for, you can begin searching for the perfect match. Be sure to ask about the camp’s flexibility if adjustments need to be made.

Camps contribute to the development of a child’s independence, responsibility and skills. Camp supplements a child’s education and can offer kids a new venue to thrive and embrace learning. Campers will enjoy their favorite activities and have the chance to try new ones, while creating lasting relationships. You cannot place a price tag on those skills, experiences, memories and friendships. Camp truly is a priceless gift.

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