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Letters to the Editor: May 2

Regarding Topgolf

To the Editor:

I have to agree with Ron Jung’s letter to the editor [“In regard to ‘Time for a new Valley view,’” West Newsmagazine, April 18] about the aesthetics of Topgolf in the Chesterfield Valley. I would go so far as to say it’s downright ugly. I’m disappointed in the city of Chesterfield for approving this eyesore in our otherwise beautiful town.

Andrea Hart

Regarding ‘Random Thoughts’

To the Editor:

As far as the interview with Mrs. Lori Kelling, I appreciate her and the editor for sharing the interview very much.

It is awesome, in the last paragraph, where she describes her faith. West Newsmagazine goes out to a lot of faith-filled people.

Grace is in all of our situations. I believe if we are fallen, then grace is the balance. If others do not have these same views, we respect that very much, even in this forum of communities, aided by our constitution, we share, and by sharing we are helping others.

David Hensler

Alarming campaign tactics

To the Editor:

The recent election in Chesterfield’s Ward 4 should alarm anyone who believes in transparency on behalf of our local officials.

I received three robocalls for Campi [I presume the caller meant Tom DeCampi, a Chesterfield councilmember] from Chris [no last name] from the Missouri Century Foundation. I also received three giant postcards for DeCampi paid for by this same foundation. Who is Chris who doesn’t even know his candidate’s proper name? What is the Missouri Century Foundation?

As a former councilmember in Chesterfield’s Ward 4, I am very familiar with the reporting requirements of candidates for office. Campaign finance committees must be organized with strict regulations. Every contribution over a certain amount must be documented and the contributor’s occupation must be reported.

Obviously, accepting donations from some foundation avoids these procedures and circumvents this open, transparent process. Will this happen again next year? Which politician will be the benefit of their largess in the future?

Mary K. Brown

Regarding ‘In support 

of Article 5’

To the Editor: 

Thank you for publishing the letter from Jeffrey Waller [“In support of Article 5,” West Newsmagazine, April 18] concerning the need for a balanced budget amendment for the federal budget.

Failure to address this important issue is essentially a moral issue. Either we agree to pay for our excesses now via higher taxes, or a reduction in spending, or a combination of both – or we pass the problem on to our children and their children. To pursue the former is a sign of responsibility, to pursue the latter is a sign of moral decadence.

I urge all fellow readers to go to the two websites mentioned by Mr. Waller – bba4usa.org and conventionofstates.com – and weigh in on this very important issue. Original sin is alive and well; you can do something positive to reduce its corrosive influence.

W.B. Hall

In praise of the president

To the Editor:

We, the American people, are witnessing a phenomenon not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Namely, the facing down of aggressive and brutal dictators on the world stage.

We are seeing a confident and independent man used to success on a large scale and with the benefit of sound counsel decimate the status quo for the ultimate benefit and safety of his countrymen and the world at large.

That man is none other than President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Hail to the Chief!

William E. Quinn

Regarding Lewis Road bridge

To the Editor: 

Isn’t it nice to see politicians cannot be bought?

In the case of the Eureka Lewis Road bridge repair, Mr. Mike Roberts who owns the home and golf course there should be expected to pay for it. This benefits him and his business. Why would he expect all the other St. Louis County taxpayers to be responsible?

Mr. Roberts should not expect special favors just because he donates to Democratic County Executive Steve Stenger. This is not petty politics.

Mary Ann Dust

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