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Local robotics teams advance to state and world competition

By: Bonnie Krueger

Several area robotics teams have advanced to the FIRST Robotics World Championship.

The Baryons Robotics tram from Marquette High

The Baryons, a Marquette robotics team, Technoramic, a co-ed team from MICDS, and two Parkway South High teams, Richard’s Fine Men and Archimedes’ Screwdriver, will be represented at the FIRST World Championship in Houston from April 18-21.

To earn their place at Worlds, the teams competed in several regional and super regional competitions in November, December and January, catapulting them to state competitions in February. By winning those qualifiers, several teams advanced to the world competitions.

Also in Rockwood, from Eureka High, the Quarks and the Bosons qualified for the state tournament. The Lafayette Fermions competed at the East Conference Qualifier on Feb. 10.

The MICDS girls team Rampunzel also competed in the qualifier. They were paired together with Technoramic for one of the matches, which resulted in a win. However, they finished in 11th place overall. Also worthy of mention is Parkway South’s Sherlock Ohms team, which also was an East Conference qualifier.

Parkway South Archimedes’ Screwdriver team

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