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Officers receive commendations for exceptional performance

By: Bonnie Krueger

Manchester Police Chief Tim Walsh recently lauded the actions of two police officers in public commendations at Board of Aldermen meetings.

At the April 16 meeting, Officer Timothy Chapman was recognized for exceptional personal performance during an overdose-related sick case in March.

Upon finding the victim unconscious and not breathing, Chapman immediately initiated CPR and, after a few minutes, obtained a pulse accompanied by shallow breathing. When EMS arrived, they administered medication and the victim was fully revived and made a full recovery.

After an investigation it was determined the victim accidentally had taken too much pain medication, causing an overdose.

“It’s evident to see that your quick thinking and immediate actions clearly saved the victim’s life and prevented a tragic ending to this incident. Please accept my appreciation and sincere congratulations on your impressive performance and a job well done,” Walsh said.

At the council’s May 7 meeting, Det. Josh Waggener received a commendation for his involvement in apprehending individuals involved in the theft of more than 30 full-sized pickup trucks.

In January 2015, detectives from the St. Louis County Auto Crime Unit, the Drug Enforcement Unit [where Waggoner worked at the time], the Intelligence Unit, and the sheriff’s departments of Jefferson and Franklin counties attempted to arrest suspects who had barricaded themselves in a farm shedin rural Franklin County.

While detectives and patrol officers set up containment, one suspect drove a truck through the side of the shed, struck a detective, rammed several police vehicles and attempted to strike other detectives.

Fearing for the safety of those assembled, officers shot at the driver, fatally wounding him. The occupants of the truck were taken into custody. Further investigation of the scene revealed the truck used in the assault was stolen out of St. Louis County and contained an active methamphetamine lab. Numerous stolen trucks, valued at over $150,000, were recovered at the scene.

On April 25, Walsh attended an awards ceremony of the St. Louis County Board of Police Commissioners where Waggener received the Meritorious Service Citation for his role in the suspects’ apprehension.

“Your actions reflect highly, not only on yourself but also on the image and reputation of the Manchester and St. Louis County police departments,” Walsh said at the meeting.

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