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Ellisville councilmember leaves position, pursues education

Councilmember Ken Newhouse [District 2] announced at the May 16 city council meeting that he would be departing early from the Ellisville City Council due to family and personal matters relocating him outside District 2 boundaries.  

Newhouse was 23 when first elected and has lived with his mother and two younger siblings since January 2011. The upcoming move was spurred by his mother’s upcoming marriage in September. Newhouse’s last meeting will be June 20.

“It’s been a pleasure serving the city of Ellisville,” Newhouse said. “It’s somber note to end [the meeting] on, but I wanted to make sure I brought it up, so it wasn’t popping up at the last second at the next meeting.”

Newhouse plans to pursue an educational doctorate at Lindenwood University starting in spring 2019, with the goal of becoming a college educator. 

Newhouse was elected to the council following the April 3 election in 2017. 

Newhouse was a voice on the council for multiple items, including desires to lower the age for mayoral candidacy and for spearheading tax reductions for residents.

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