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Student illustrators selected for publication

By: Bonnie Krueger

In addition to the eight students recognized for their story contributions, eight additional students from four West St. Louis County schools have had their illustrations selected for publication in “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13.”

Students from Living Water Academy in Wildwood who will have illustrations included in “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13” are: sixth-graders Walker Brand, who illustrated “The Tornado,” and Miles Montgomery O’Dwyer, who illustrated “Hard Work Down the Drain [Almost];” seventh- grader Cecelia Vannoy, who illustrated “Importance of Rainwater;” and eighth-graders Mya Gray, who illustrated “The No Good Terrible Very Bad Day,” and Lawson Holestine, who illustrated “How a Bull Taught Me How to Shave.” Other students whose illustrations will be included in Vol. 13 are Yuka Iwasawa, a fourth-grader at Green Trails Elementary in Parkway who illustrated “A Wrong Turn;” Jasmine Flowers, a sixth-grader at Christ, Prince of Peace Catholic School in Manchester who illustrated “A Single Ring;” and Devyn Shelton, a seventh-grader at Crestview Middle in Rockwood who illustrated “Pocket Alarm.”  

In all, “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13,” includes 12 illustrations. All students who submitted stories or illustrations for “Grannie Annie, Vol. 13” were honored at a Family Stories Festival presented in collaboration with the Missouri History Museum. 

Complete details about The Grannie Annie, as well as all of the stories published throughout the years, can be found at TheGrannieAnnie.org. Stories to be considered for publication in “Grannie Annie, Vol. 14,” must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2019.

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