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Letter to the Editor: Workers deserve to try freedom to work

To the Editor:

On Aug. 7, Missouri voters will decide if our state will enjoy the benefits of Freedom to Work or if we will continue the policy of forced unionization that has stalled economic development.

The legislature passed the Freedom to Work law in 2017 with the hope that workers could at least enjoy the freedom to choose whether they wanted to pay union dues or not before the issue would be revisited. Now, we are faced with an election in August that has prevented that policy from even going into effect. This is a shame because I am certain that Freedom to Work is right for Missouri and right for our workers.

Freedom to Work forces unions to be more accountable to their members. It also makes Missouri far more attractive to potential employers and is often cited as a top concern when new states and communities are competing for new manufacturing facilities. If you want to know the power of Freedom to Work for a state’s economy, take a look at our neighbors. 

Every state bordering Missouri – except one –  has instituted Freedom to Work. Some, like Kentucky, have done so very recently and they have not gone backward on this important worker right. What is the one border state that has not instituted Freedom to Work? It is the one state we should not emulate – a state with sky high debt and a terrible economy: Illinois. 

It’s not hard to see how Missouri is going to lose out economically when you look at the map and realize every state around us and nearly every state in our region has gone Freedom to Work.

On Aug. 7, I am asking my fellow citizens to vote “Yes” on Proposition A to give Freedom to Work a chance. Workers deserve the opportunity to tell their unions yes or no and Missourians deserve to live in a better economic climate. 

Sen. Dave Schatz

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