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Ballwin submits 5-year map plan

By: Jim Erickson

The city of Ballwin has submitted its five-year map plan outlining areas that could be involved in annexation moves if there is interest by all the parties involved in such a change.

State law requires municipalities to submit a map to the St. Louis County Boundary Commission every five years. Whether the areas identified as annexation possibilities will be actively pursued depends on many factors, including the wishes and ultimate approval of voters in the areas involved.

In short, nothing will happen immediately or unexpectedly.

The two main areas identified on the Ballwin map are part of unincorporated St. Louis County. One tract involved is south of Kiefer Creek to the municipal boundaries of Ellisville and Wildwood, south of Breeze View and Lenoa drives and south of Big Bend to the boundaries of Twin Oaks and Valley Park. The maximum southern boundary would be the Meramec River.

Also included is an area that would extend Ballwin’s northeastern limits. That parcel extends east of Hwy. 141 to Weidman Road and would be between the Town & Country city limits and Manchester Road.

The Kylewood Subdivision, also in unincorporated St. Louis County east of Reinke Road, is a third area identified.

Ballwin officials said they had informed Ellisville, Manchester, Town & Country, Twin Oaks, Valley Park and St. Louis County of the map plan’s details.

The map Ballwin submitted five years ago was similar to the new one.

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