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Sports complex site plan approved

Rendering of an ice arena proposed for the Chesterfield Valley

Activities affecting the proposed Chesterfield Sportscomplex have come rapidly in recent days as the ice rink facility nears its fundraising goal.

The Chesterfield Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the project’s site development plan July 9, paving the way for final consideration by the Chesterfield City Council at an upcoming meeting.

The Chesterfield Hockey Association [CHA], which has led the effort to build the complex in western Chesterfield Valley just south of I-64/U.S. 40, also announced it has received a pledge to match up to $250,000 in contributions to help fund the operation’s construction.

The pledge and donations that it will match bring the CHA’s fundraising to 98 percent of its $5.65 million goal, according to Tom Kaiman, a leader in the CHA Sportscomplex campaign.

In addition, a July 19 event at the O’B. Clark’s restaurant and sports bar in Brentwood will add to the fundraising total. Scheduled from 6 p.m. until closing, the gathering targets those who participate in adult hockey leagues and related activities in the St. Louis area.

Kaiman said the large number of contributors to the CHA’s fundraising effort illustrates strong grassroots support for the project. The organization is on schedule to break ground this fall, he added.

The approved site development plan shows two proposed lots 10.12 and 5.18 acres in size. The western larger parcel will be the site of the ice sports facility while the smaller lot allows for future development.

The right-of-way dedication for the Olive Street Road extension cuts through the larger lot, leaving a small portion along Chesterfield Airport Road physically separated from the rest of the parcel. This third lot, about one-third acre in size, will be legally tied to the larger one to ensure future maintenance and to clarify that it will not be developed in the future.

Primary features of the facility will be two NHL-sized ice rinks. The competition rink will have permanent seating for 1,000 and standing room for 600 more. The practice rink will have portable seating for about 300.

Locker rooms, team meeting rooms and needed facilities to support hockey, figure skating and other activities are included in the 78,000-square-foot complex, along with a restaurant, bar and concession services.

In addition to charitable contributions, funding for the $22.6 million facility will come from bank financing and $7 million from the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District for infrastructure improvements associated with the project.

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