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Assisting St. Louis residents, one program at a time

President Roxie Randolph

When it comes to keeping care local, the 450-plus volunteers at Assistance League
of St. Louis are professionals.
Assistance League is a national nonprofit organization that puts caring and commitment in action through community-based philanthropic programs.
After celebrating its 30th anniversary in fiscal year 2017-2018, the league is still going strong with philanthropic programs that provide aid to people of all ages. The organization is volunteer-driven, so all funds stay within the community and go toward the delivery of goods and services directly to individuals in need. In fiscal year 2017-2018, the league donated 80,000 volunteer hours through the nine philanthropic programs that reached 46,029 people.
“I think our people love to give back,” President Roxie Randolph said. “They think it’s their time to share, so they do whatever they can to help local families in need.”
The program that provides school uniforms provided elementary school students new clothes, hygiene products and books. In the last year, the program that gives deserving students shoes visited 34 schools and two agencies to fit and deliver shoes and socks to 3,700 children. In serving women and their children in crisis shelters, the organization has helped over 21,800 women since its inception in 2001. The literacy program provides books to aspiring readers and in the last fiscal year provided 12,000 books. In partnership with St. Louis Community College, Assistance League provided financial assistance to 72 individuals. Through a program that handles one-time critical needs, 1,555 individuals were served. The programs that give activity kits and teddy bears helped 22,400 children and adults facing traumatic situations.
For more information about programs or to speak with a volunteer, give Assistance League of St. Louis a call today.

30 Henry Ave. • Ellisville
(636) 227-6200

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