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Chesterfield Council approves policy to permit members emeritus on certain committees

By: Jim Erickson

The membership on various non-statutory committees in the city of Chesterfield could be expanded due to a new policy allowing for members emeritus to serve on them.

Approved unanimously by the City Council at its Aug. 6 meeting, the new policy also will make all new committee appointments effective for three years unless the appointee is filling an unexpired term. Previously, there has been a mixture of two- and three-year appointments.

Under the new provisions, membership of all non-statutory committees can be supplemented by up to two additional members emeritus to allow for continued participation of members no longer able to attend 50 percent of scheduled meetings. The change also will mean those with special skills, background and experience will be able to participate to help ensure institutional knowledge will be preserved.

Member emeritus nominations made by any non-statutory committee will go for consideration to the council committee related to the group. If approved, the nomination will go to the full council for its review and action.

During discussion of the member emeritus concept, the council’s finance and administration committee agreed that such members will not be allowed to be a committee officer.

In other action, the council also readopted an ordinance calling for all Chesterfield officials, officers and employees to complete a form requiring disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest with their duties to the city. The ordinance first went into effect in 1991 and has been renewed at least biennially and often annually since then. Without the ordinance, all officials, officers and employees, along with all candidates for public office, would be required to file a financial interest statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

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