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Manchester to vote on court automation fees

A new software system known as Show-Me Courts, developed by the Office of State Courts Administrator [OSCA], is replacing the Justice Information System as the case management system for Missouri courts.

The Manchester municipal division of the circuit court is working with the OSCA toward the implementation of the automation software. To comply with the state of Missouri, the city of Manchester must establish and maintain an ordinance to assess and collect court automation fees.

At the Sept. 4 Board of Aldermen meeting, an ordinance establishing that fee was introduced. The proposed amendment states: “A fee of $7 shall be assessed, collected and set aside for the Statewide Court Automation fund, with all such amounts transmitted monthly to the Missouri Director of Revenue to the credit of the Missouri Statewide Court Automation fund.”

The ordinance will be voted on at the next regular aldermen meeting on Sept. 17.



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