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Letter to the Editor: Regarding ‘Secure voting’

To the Editor:

I agree with John Bohney that our elections need to be secure [“Secure voting,” West Newsmagazine,  Aug. 29.]. However, regressing back to paper ballots is not the optimal route. Instead, we must tackle this by strengthening the cybersecurity of our elections. 

A current bill in the Senate called “The Secure Elections Act” will address several of these concerns, including protecting from foreign cyber threats. This bill requires vendors of voting technology to report possible hacks to state officials and for state officials to notify Department of Homeland Security. Backup paper ballots and compulsory post-election audits are some of the other important requirements of the bill. 

The Secure Elections Act will strengthen the integrity of our federal election process. It is disappointing to see the Senate postpone voting on this bill on Aug 22. Congress must act fast and with full support to pass this bill and save our democracy.

Sri Jaladi

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