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Student shows support for principal fighting cancer

By: Bonnie Krueger

Parkway teachers and staff members aren’t the only ones showing support for Barretts Elementary Principal Dr. Kelli Moreton, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Fifth-grader Sophie Gorgen and her cousin Maddy, of Dardenne Prairie, got in on the action in a practical way. The two young ladies spent part of their Saturday on Sept. 15 accepting donations for the TaTa Sisterhood Foundation in Moreton’s honor. 

Gorgen chose to make homemade bracelets as part of her Genius Hour project initiative; she asked her cousin to help pass the bracelets out while asking for donations. The duo collected about $250, hoping the funds can help make a difference in cancer research and that the bracelets can represent hope, love and courage

“Ever since Dr. Moreton arrived at Barretts, you can feel her positive presence. She cares about each and every child as if they were her own. You are just overcome by the warmth and genuine passion that Dr. Moreton has for the school, parents, children and community,” said Gorgen’s mother, Nicole.

“Even though I’m a little kid, anybody can do anything they want, even if they are young or old. Even if you don’t have the right supplies to help the community, it’s all just inside your heart,” Gorgen said. “And always remember to think about others before thinking about yourself.”

Gorgen is in the process of coming up with some other ways to show support for Moreton as she strives toward the road of recovery.

Barretts Elementary fifth-grader Sophie Gorgen [left] with her cousin Maddy outside a local store collecting donations.

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