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Editorial: Singin’ the Blues in October … again

The Cardinals lion of August turned into a lamb in September, and another October without baseball is almost too much to bear. 

But hey, what can you do? Let’s start singin’ the Blues.

Sure, the home opener for the St. Louis Blues did not go the way we hoped [5-1 loss] but there is plenty to like about the frozen sport in our town this year. There is a statistic in hockey called “goals above replacement” that tracks, well, exactly what it sounds like – how many goals a player is worth compared to a replacement-level, or average, player. Using that metric, the Blues won the offseason this year, by a lot. The free agent signings of David Perron and Tyler Bozak paired with the blockbuster trade for Ryan O’Reilly created a goals above replacement score for the Blues of a whopping plus-34. 

That’s good. 

If we can get Robby Fabbri on the ice and keep him there, this team has the chance to be special.

As a side note, the Cardinals always receive plaudits for their super-classy home opening festivities, but the Blues, too, know how to throw a party. How cool is it to see Brett Hull and Bobby Plager out on the ice? The Blues had another surprise in store this year as well. They partnered with hometown rock legends The Urge to create a brand new goal song to be played after the traditional “When the Blues Go Marching In.”

Another sports franchise with some loose hometown connections had a pretty good offseason as well. The artists formerly known as the St. Louis Rams – having signed every free agent in the NFL – are off to a blistering start and are the most fun team in the NFL to watch, at least for everybody not from St. Louis. For St. Louis football fans, the most fun team to watch is definitely the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even more exciting news from the world of the NFL is that Stan Kroenke and the Rams keep losing important decision after important decision in the lawsuit brought over their relocation to Los Angeles. Just last week, the suit brought against the franchise by the city, county and St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority won another challenge and was allowed to move forward. Kroenke may be winning on the field, but he is getting walloped in the courtroom and we have to admit that feels pretty good. Not that we are vindictive or anything.

So we face our third straight year with no baseball in October for the local squad. That’s OK. We can sing the Blues and we can look forward to the next post-Mike Matheny season for the Redbirds with high hopes. Plus, we can root against the Rams on the field and in the courtroom.

And let’s not forget the most important thing of all: the Cubs lost. In fact, they went from division leader to eliminated in a truly embarrassing 48-hour stretch of futility that seemed to wipe away all the disappointment of the Cardinals’ 2018 season.

Alright, maybe we are a little bit vindictive, but these are the Cubs we’re talking about.

Let’s go Blues!

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