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Ballwin ponders neighborhood dispute

The city of Ballwin will draft a proposed ordinance dealing with accessory structures on residential lots, but it appears unlikely such a step will resolve an existing neighborhood dispute even if the measure is approved.

At the Nov. 12 Ballwin Board of Aldermen meeting, City Administrator Eric Hanson reported the results of his checking into how neighboring cities address the issue of accessory structures.

Hanson’s inquiries stemmed from a complaint from a Ballwin man during the public comment period at an earlier aldermanic meeting. The resident said a neighbor had built a fire pit close to the property line between the two homes and that smoke from the structure was causing allergy-related problems for his wife.

The fire pit owner has refused to do anything about the matter, the resident said.

While Ballwin does have regulations governing accessory structures on residential property, they don’t address this particular situation, Hanson said, adding that he had checked to see how other nearby cities dealt with such issues.

In his report, it was noted that even if Ballwin did develop an ordinance addressing the fire pit issue, it wouldn’t apply to a structure already in place according to regulations then in effect.

Alderman Mark Stallmann [Ward 2] asked if City Attorney Bob Jones could draft an ordinance proposal for the board’s review and consideration. Jones agreed to do so and Hanson noted he would provide Jones with the information he had gathered during his follow up.

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