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Chesterfield Council acts on agreements, other issues including snow removal reimbursement

The Chesterfield City Council has acted on a variety of issues ranging from an agreement with the local Fraternal Order of Police [FOP] to expenditures for snow removal on private streets.

In action at its Nov. 19 meeting, the council authorized Mayor Bob Nation to sign the agreement with Lodge 15 of the FOP, which represents Chesterfield’s non-probationary police officers and sergeants. Under the accord, the police group and the city will continue to negotiate work-related terms and conditions to supplement those included in an agreement approved in October 2017.

The snow removal measure establishes funding that enables non-gated private subdivisions to recoup costs for eligible work up to $4,500 per centerline mile of roadway or $40 per residential unit, whichever is greater. Additional reimbursement is allowed if the city has a severe winter, defined as receiving 30 inches or more of snow.

During a regular winter, the city’s maximum financial obligation to the 51 subdivisions now participating in the program is $163,021. Amounts reimbursed to the subdivisions are determined in the spring after all requests and documentation are received.

With a unanimous vote, the council also established a policy requiring a special activity permit [SAP] for events that deviate from the normal land use that occurs on a property in the city and may interfere with normal regulations affecting traffic, parking or pedestrians.

SAPs already are required, but there has been no formal policy on them. The approved policy statement simply makes official how the city now administers the permit regulations.

Two other ordinances received their first reading and are expected to come up at the next council meeting [Dec. 3] for a second reading and final action.

Lydia Hill-Veterans Place Drive intersection

The Lydia Hill-Veterans Place Drive intersection may get a four-way stop if the Chesterfield City Council approves sign-related legislation on Dec. 3. [Google Earth photo]

One calls for stop signs in all directions at the Lydia Hill-Veterans Place intersection while the other is an agreement with the Chesterfield Hockey Association allowing the city to use the parking lot at the new SportsComplex the organization is building in Chesterfield Valley.

A stop sign now is on Veterans Place but not on Lydia Hill. With upcoming improvements, the riparian trail in that area will have a permanent connection at the intersection and city staff has recommended that it be made an all-way stop.

To be eligible for reimbursement through the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District [TDD], the Chesterfield Hockey Association must provide an easement allowing the city and the TDD to use the parking lot built as part of the SportsComplex project. Under the easement, the association will be responsible for all parking lot maintenance. The easement expires when bonds issued by the TDD for the infrastructure work related to the new facility are paid off.

Eligible voters earlier this year approved a continuation of a 3/8-cent sales tax assessed by retail businesses in Chesterfield Valley to retire bonds the TDD issues.

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