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Rockwood shows heart, receives accolades by AHA

By: Bonnie Krueger

American Heart Association [AHA] officials expressed their gratitude to Rockwood School District’s Board of Education at the board’s Nov. 1 meeting. The recognition came after the district raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for AHA. 

“We are celebrating and recognizing Rockwood School District as the No. 1 district in Missouri,” Barb Revering, AHA’s youth market director, said. “Rockwood schools raised more than $225,000 in the ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ and ‘Hoops for Heart’ campaigns.”

Revering said Rockwood registers on a national level, too.

“Rockwood School District is No. 22 in the United States for donations raised as a district,” said Revering. “It’s quite a feat. Last year, Rockwood was number 24, and the district keeps rising.”

Revering said AHA is dedicated to combating heart disease and strokes. 

“We want to teach children to take care of their hearts,” she said. “They can potentially extend their own lives by as much as five years.”

Rockwood is ranked as the top district in Missouri when it comes to raising money for American Heart Association efforts to combat heart disease and strokes,

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