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Rockwood kicks off Turkey Smash event

By: Bonnie Krueger

Forty Lafayette High juniors and seniors returned to their middle school alma mater, Rockwood Valley, to collaborate on a special project with students. 

“We focused on teamwork and cooperation for their Turkey Smash events coming up,” said Lafayette junior Sedona Turner.

Annually, Rockwood Valley hosts Turkey Smash, a series of pre-Thanksgiving events including a coin drive in which all monetary donations benefit the school community.

Rockwood Valley seventh-grade student Gavin Wilson described one of the activities.

“We did a cup activity where everyone had to work together to pull a rubber band with a bunch of strings, so you could pick up a cup and stack them,” he said. “There were three cups on the bottom, two in the middle and one on the top. It was really fun.”

Lafayette junior Grace Fick, who led one of the activities, said the students were cooperative and practiced strategies and communication.

“We did an activity where they had to hold a ball of string and throw it to each other and make a web in the middle, and they had to bounce a balloon on it,” said Fick. “Every 30 seconds, we asked each student to drop a string and the net got looser. We related it back to teamwork and the importance of participation.”

“The activities provided students and teachers a shared learning that will positively impact cooperation and collaboration in classrooms throughout the year,” Rockwood Valley Middle Principal Dr. Karen Hedrick said.

Students from Rockwood Valley Middle work together to create a web.


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