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Ballwin kindergartner becomes police chief for a day

Madison Barney munches on a donut with Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott during her “Chief for the Day” experience. [Jim Erickson photo]

It could be described as one of Ballwin’s earliest recorded employee recruitment efforts.

After all, Madison Barney has talked about becoming a police officer for a couple of years now. And since she is just 6 years old, that’s a major portion of her life.

Barney, a kindergartner at Rockwood’s Woerther Elementary School, even dressed as a policewoman for Halloween. So when she learned that the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization [PTO] was going to raffle off the opportunity for one of the school’s students to be the Ballwin Police Department’s “Chief for the Day,” she knew that was her goal.

Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott quickly agreed to the PTO’s proposal to offer an “experience” to the winner of the raffle, which was held at a back-to-school bingo party to raise funds for some major improvements at the school.

Barney didn’t waste any time. Using all of her money set aside for the raffle to buy chances for the police experience.

As proof that stories like this often do have happy endings, Barney won that prize at the raffle. Not surprisingly, she arrived at the Ballwin Police Department on the big day wearing her policewoman attire.

While there, she met Scott and several other department employees, sipped some chocolate milk and dined with the chief on what’s commonly known as one of the four basic food groups for many police officers – donuts, of course.

Scott also gave her a guided tour of the department’s facilities and his police car before Barney and he, accompanied by an entourage, headed for the school with vehicle lights flashing.

At Woerther, Barney and Scott received a rousing welcome from students who applauded, cheered and displayed signs commemorating the event and honoring the Ballwin Police Department. Somewhat overwhelmed by the greeting, the youngest policewoman buried her face in her hands as the chief escorted her into the school.

Oh, the fundraiser was a success, too, netting almost $2,000 for the school.

Ballwin Police Chief for a day

Madison Barney recently was Ballwin police chief for a day. [Jim Erickson photo]

Ride along with Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott

Madison Barney rides along with Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott [Jim Erickson photo]

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