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Revised gate ordinance now includes provisions for horses in Town & Country

By: Bonnie Krueger

A revised residential gate ordinance was approved at the regular Town & Country Board of Aldermen meeting on Dec. 10.

The ordinance was introduced in a public hearing on Nov. 13; however, Alderman Tiffany Frautschi [Ward 2] said it did not provide for residents who own horses and asked for a delayed vote until after such consideration was discussed and addressed.

Under the approved zoning amendment, the following conditions apply to residential gates, the properties on which they are located and the regulations applicable to home owners:

  • The property has direct access via a driveway to one of the following major streets: Ballas, Bopp, Clayton, Conway, Des Peres, Ladue, Mason, Topping, and Weidman roads. Also included are Municipal Center Drive and both the north and south 40 drives.
  • No portion of the gate shall exceed 7 feet in height.
  • The gate shall be at least 50-percent open as viewed on any line perpendicular to the vertical plane of the gate. Such open spaces shall be reasonably dispersed throughout the entire area of the gate.
  • The gate shall open inward toward the residence and away from the street.
  • The gate shall be illuminated at night so that vehicle drivers can see the gate from either side. Lighting shall shine directly onto the intended surface.
  • The gate mechanism shall permit immediate access to emergency vehicles and meet the access requirements of the adopted fire code.
  • Gates controlling vehicular access to individual lots shall be located no closer than 25 feet from the pavement of the adjacent right-of-way so
    that waiting vehicles do not impede traffic flow.
  • Applicants shall file an agreement as approved by the city attorney, to indemnify, defend and hold the city harmless from any claims of liability resulting from the placement of any gate controlling vehicular access.

Under the conditional uses in the revised ordinance, language also was added to accommodate homes with horses, specifically stating as a gate condition: The property has a private stable which houses horses as a legal non-conforming use or via an approved conditional use permit.


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