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Barat Prep buzzes with honey excitement

Busy worker bees [of the human variety] working on harvesting the honey.

The learning community at Barat Prep has initiated a new hands-on endeavor for students. With the help of a local beekeeper, who is also a Barat parent, two honeybee hives were installed this past spring. 

Over the summer, interested students and teachers assisted in caring for the hives while the bees foraged the nearby clover fields. The school’s efforts were rewarded with a fall harvest of 94 pounds of honey, which organizers say is quite a haul for two hives in their first year.

According to the educators involved in the project, its benefits have been “tremendous.” 

“Not only do students now have a fuller appreciation of the work each bee puts in just to make a few drops of honey, their eyes have been opened to the critical role honeybees have in worldwide food production,” the school noted in a statement about the program. 

Barat Prep Director Michele Stokes, noted that “the bee program embodies several of the core principles in Barat’s teaching model, especially inquiry-based learning and preparing global citizens.”

Barat Prep students have formed an after-school Bee Club, where they’ve been bottling this year’s honey and gearing up for next year.  Proceeds from the sale of Barat honey to friends and family will be used to finance purchases of additional hives and equipment, with the goal of perpetuating the bee program for years to come.  

Barat Prep student shows off final product, which is for sale.

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