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‘Boutique’ physical therapy clinic with individualized treatment

Aaron McBride, owner

Aaron McBride has seen first-hand the healing power of physical therapy – both through his patients’ success and his own personal experience.

After being diagnosed with and ultimately overcoming Guillain-Barré syndrome with the help of a dynamic physical therapist, Aaron knew he wanted to go into that same field and help others.

He now has 20 years of experience in the industry and runs ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Des Peres, an independently owned and operated practice which he opened in May 2016.

All therapists at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Des Peres are Astym®-certified. Astym Therapy is a soft tissue therapy that regenerates healthy soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, etc., removes unwanted scar tissue, restores movement and gets rid of pain.

Aaron considers one of his specialties to be the shoulder, though he treats a wide variety of conditions and age ranges. His caseload includes athletic, geriatric, post-surgical, motor vehicle accident and workers’ compensation cases – and he treats each with the utmost level of personalized care and attention. For this reason, he branched out on his own to open ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Des Peres.

“I wanted to be able to really spend time with patients, understand their plight, and come up with better plans and better treatment options,” he said.

“We’re a small, ‘boutique’ kind of clinic. We don’t see the volume that some of our competitors see, and we do that intentionally,” Aaron explained, “to try to slow down and take time with patients and be able to give them the one-on-one care they deserve.”

2705 Dougherty Ferry Road, Suite 104 • Des Peres

(314) 394-3319


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