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Expert CPA services at affordable rates

Dennis M. Fry, CPA

CPAs for Hire is a friendly, experienced and affordable boutique CPA firm with a new location opening February 2019 in Town & Country. CPAs for Hire offers a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals.

President and Founder Dennis Fry, CPA, has two decades of professional experience and a diverse background that includes public accounting, senior leadership in corporate accounting and finance, and owning and operating a small business.

As a former business owner, Dennis enjoys helping other entrepreneurs and business owners succeed.

“I used to own an indoor soccer facility and soccer retail store in Texas,” Dennis said. “Clients appreciate an entrepreneurial-minded CPA. I’ve been there and done that and know what keeps them up at night. We make the back office process of owning a business easy so business owners can focus on revenue and business development.”

When Dennis saw a need for entrepreneurial-minded CPAs in the small business world – including affordable options for start-ups and early-stage companies – Dennis founded CPAs for Hire, and he and his team have been helping business owners achieve success ever since.

All professionals at CPAs for Hire must have public accounting and corporate accounting experience.

CPAs for Hire also offers part-time CFO services through CFOs for Hire as well as comprehensive, fee-only financial planning through it’s affiliated company CWOs for Hire.

“We offer under one roof accounting, income tax, payroll, consulting and financial planning to businesses and their owners,” Dennis said.

Call CPAs for Hire today to see what they can do for you or your company.

13492 Clayton Road • Town & Country

(314) 985-8110


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