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No competition means no election, no cost

Three fire protection districts that cover much of the West County area will not be included on the April ballot because there’s no competition for the board positions up for election this year. As a result, the districts will save at least $82,000 that would have been their probable share of election expenses.

With the recent close of the filing period for positions up for election in municipalities and other entities, the West County, Metro West and Monarch Fire Protection Districts learned that only the incumbents whose seats are at stake in the April 2 election had filed the necessary papers to run for office.

State law permits fire protection districts to waive participation in an election if positions up for a vote are uncontested. Which means any district not participating isn’t allocated a share of election expenses.

In West County where incumbent Matt Miller was the only person to file for the six-year term of office up for election, the district will save $22,000-25,000 estimated to be its cost had it participated in the election.

The same is true in Metro West where incumbent Tim Flora was the only person to file and in Monarch where Jean Millner will be seeking her first elected term after being appointed to fill Jane Cunningham’s unexpired term when she moved from the district in 2017.

Metro West estimates it will save about $25,000 while Monarch had budgeted $35,000 for election expenses it now will not incur.

Each of the three fire protection districts is governed by a three-member board of directors, with one six-year term of office up for election every two years.

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