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Letter to the Editor: Celebrating free speech

To the Editor:

As the original author of what is commonly known as the Free Speech Amendment, which now allows Wildwood residents to ask direct questions of the mayor and City Council during the public comment period, I would like to thank Mayor Bowlin for initially vetoing it. Mayor Bowlin had vetoed it over legal concerns after it had passed by a 12 to 4 margin.  

Since my attempt at the veto override, which failed by one vote, I have come to appreciate the principled stand the mayor made. I believe that his veto actually made the legislation stronger after his concerns were addressed. This was evidenced by the so-called Free Speech Amendment passing unanimously at the council’s Jan. 14 meeting. 

I am proud of our city and its mayor for working to ensure free speech rights for our residents and hopeful that this cooperative effort continues.

Steve Taylor

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