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Fresh décor and fresh fish make Yellowstone Café a great catch

A menu filled with variety offers something for everyone at Yellowstone Café.

Yellowstone Café, not unlike its national park namesake, remains a favorite destination. In fact, it’s been a West County destination renown for fresh fish, steaks, pasta and chicken coupled with stellar service and affordability for more than two decades.  

“We’re going into our 23rd year at Yellowstone,” said John Marciano, who proudly owns Yellowstone Café and its sister operation, Lazy River. Both share similar menus and décor. 

“We’ve recently updated the dining room but when you walk in you won’t see it at first – there are no big changes that will hit you in the face,” Marciano said. “But we have freshened it up with things like new floors. It’s a subtle makeover people like.” 

With a refreshed dining room and the area’s freshest catches, customers can depend on Yellowstone Café to deliver a dining experience that never gets stale. 

“We’re known mainly for our fish, which is really by accident because we didn’t want to be known for fish,” Marciano said. “We wanted to have a little bit of everything on the menu but everyone migrated to the fish …we know how to prepare it! 

“We have a number of guests who have come in and told the same story – they never liked fish until they came here. Some say they won’t eat fish anywhere else but here.” 

Such testimonials are credited to Yellowstone Café’s creative recipes built around fresh walleye, tilapia and bass. 

Then, there’s the Lime Grilled or Horseradish Encrusted Salmon – preparations you won’t find on other menus and menu classics, such as Shrimp Fettucine and Jumbo Lump Cake Crab Cakes, that rival any found on the East Coast. 

Of course, not everyone loves fish. But don’t worry, there are plenty of delicious menu options. 

Carnivores will find it hard to pass up Yellowstone’s charcoal-broiled steaks, bodacious burgers and signature chicken entrées, such as Chicken Florentine. 

“We have quite a few recipes that are exclusive to our restaurants. Our chicken dishes, like the Chicken Rosemary, are often featured as a special. And when the salmon is running during July and August, we have eight different ways we can prepare it,” Marciano said. 

Look for the chalkboard that stands outside the door for the daily specials. 

“I know it’s kind of old fashioned and a lot of places don’t do chalkboards anymore, but we do. We like it and so do our customers,” Marciano said.

Entrées are paired with sides and salads that, of course, also include variety. 

“We usually have a couple or three vegetables to serve. Sometimes we’ll have Almond-glazed Carrots or Green Beans or Tuscan Peas that are spring peas pan-seared with butter and Parmesan.  Just ask your server,” Marciano advised.

Yellowstone Café is nestled in the Lamp & Lantern Village on the lower level off Old Woods Mill Road at Clayton – a location that truly has become a landmark for loyal fans who keep spreading the word on where to find the freshest fish and land-lover entrées.

When asked what has made Yellowstone Café a success for the past 20-plus years, Marciano didn’t have to think. He quickly said, “Our guests – all the wonderful people that we’ve met over the years. They’ve become a part of the family. They’re one of the reasons we love what we do.”

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