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Chesterfield approves vector control pact with county

The city of Chesterfield has approved an ordinance authorizing an agreement with St. Louis County for vector control services.

The vote continues a contract Chesterfield has had with the county since 2014. The previous pact had renewed automatically each year since its inception, but the number of renewals was limited to four, requiring the city to adopt a new ordinance to maintain the service.

Vector control services involve addressing insect and rodent infestations that can lead to diseases ranging from West Nile virus to leptospirosis and tularemia. Rodents also can spread diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever indirectly through the bite of infected ticks and mites they might be carrying.

Procedures such as larviciding, adulticiding and rodent abatement are performed only when conditions demonstrate a need for them or when requested based on reports received, county officials affirmed in information sent to the city. 

If rodent activity is noted on private property, residents receive professional recommendations on dealing with the problem and/or contacting a private pest control operator to treat their property. 

St. Louis County cannot apply rodenticides on private property or provide residents with rodenticides. 

The agreement with the county calls for the city to pay hourly rates for larvidicing, adulticiding and rodent abatement of $55, $72 and $32, respectively.

In discussing the contract renewal, it was noted that a resident can opt out of spraying procedures by notifying the city.

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