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Chesterfield to update its informational videos

By: Jim Erickson

A screenshot of a video found on the city of Chesterfield’s website.

When Chesterfield City Administrator Mike Geisel went to the city website to find a video he could show those attending the recent Municipal League of Metro St. Louis meeting at city hall, he was disappointed by what he saw.

As explained in a memo to the City Council, the videos were not up to date due to the numerous changes the city has experienced in recent years.

An answer presented itself in the form of a program endorsed by the National League of Cities. The League is a Washington, D.C.-based organization that advocates and offers programs and services for the thousands of communities that comprise its membership. 

One program enables a city to have six brief informational/promotional videos produced at no cost. CGI Communications, a Rochester, New York, firm, takes responsibility for all production and content creation and also assembles a sponsor video marketed to local businesses at a fee. 

Sponsor funding enables CGI to recoup its costs.

Geisel noted that the city can restrict “offensive” businesses from sponsorship if necessary. He added that he has reviewed work done for other communities and concluded it is a cost-efficient way to update the city’s promotional materials with high-quality videos.

The council’s Finance & Administration Committee considered the proposal at a recent meeting and recommended it to the full council, which has approved the concept.

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