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Wildwood Council to vote on third streetscape phase

By: Jessica Meszaros

At its Jan. 11 meeting, the Wildwood City Council gave its first reading to a new an ordinance that would authorize and execute a city-contractor agreement with Eureka-based Gershenson Construction Co. for Phase III of the city’s ongoing Manchester Road Streetscape Project.

A map of Phase III of the Manchester Road Streetscape Project [City of Wildwood graphic]

The agreement would include work on traffic control and other incidental items.

Phase III includes multiple street and road improvements, including on-street parking, curbs and gutters, 10-foot-wide sidewalks, street lighting, bike lanes, landscaping and street trees, and some on-street parking lanes along both sides of Manchester Road between Taylor and Eatherton roads.

A sample rendering of a segment of Manchester Road [near Three French Hens] with Phase III additions [City of Wildwood graphic]

The city approved funds for the construction as part of its 2019 Capital Projects Fund. It also obtained a federal grant for the project, meaning Wildwood will be reimbursed for 50 percent of the construction costs up to a maximum of $1.3 million.

The city’s department of public works opened bids for the project in January and received seven competitive bids overall. The bid from Gershenson Construction Co., amounting to $2,155,391.51, was the lowest. According to the ordinance, the city’s public works director, may increase the scope of the work, through written change order, in an amount not to exceed a total of $2,405,391.50.

The city has worked with Gershenson on multiple projects, including Strecker Road bridge replacement over Caulks Creek and ongoing construction in Community Park.

As of Feb. 8, 2019, multiple utility companies have begun relocation work on the project. Ameren will be relocating poles and moving lines in upcoming months, weather permitting as will Missouri-American Water Company and ATT.

“As soon as the weather breaks, I’d expect to see utility crews out there working,” Public Works Director Rick Brown said at the Feb. 11 meeting.

The project’s estimated completion time is one year.

The issue is scheduled to come back to the council for a final vote at its Feb. 25 meeting.

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