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Raising anti-bullying awareness in Rockwood

Students Lucy Branscum and Nolan Ortinau led their groups in discussions. 

“We talked about why people bully and how you can use R-S-D [Recognize it, Stop it, Describe it] to help decrease bullying in our schools,” Branscum said. “I feel like they were very receptive to the information. They were very open-minded and cooperative.” 

Ortinau said, “It’s important for them to be thinking about how to spread awareness, how to stop it and what is the best way to go about recognizing it.” 

Fifth-grade student Lauren Henry said the collaboration was helpful. 

“Bullying is very unwanted in schools,” Henry said. “One way I can prevent bullying is by standing up for people, and I hope that others will join the movement.” 

Rockwood middle schoolers lead the way in anti-bully message.
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