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Letter to the Editor: Rescued twice

To the Editor: 

My daughter’s newly acquired rescue dog of two days pulled out of his collar in the back yard and ran away. It happened right during the polar vortex of subzero temperatures and snow. 

We were worried terribly for the poor dog. Our daughter was frantic.

What was heartwarming was the outpouring of concern, well wishes and suggestions. What was remarkable were the number of people who braved the cold to help us search for the animal and provide and set traps. What was truly amazing was the young man who traveled from Hermann with Big Paw Rescue Trapping and who tracked and trapped the dog in a couple of hours.
Many thanks to all of you for your help and concern. 

Sarge is warm and safe and sound – and we’re so grateful for all the good people who so generously helped find him.

Jon Schulte

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