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Ballwin employees receive honors

Ballwin Aquatics employees and Metro West personnel are [from left] Lt. Jake LeSeure, Capt. Todd Barger, Liz Renaud, Melanie Oestreich, Ben Becker, Isabella Duran, Reid Lawson, Anthony Eberhardt, Deputy Chief Brad Shelton

Potentially life-saving efforts, a good deed and a tribute to veterans – all performed by employees of the City of Ballwin – were causes for honors given at the Feb. 25 Board of aldermen meeting.

 The Metro West Fire Protection District teamed with the city in recognizing the efforts of staff members at The Point who went into action when a patron lost consciousness in the hot tub Feb. 4.

According to Metro West’s review of the incident, head lifeguard Melanie Oestreich activated the facility’s action plan, signaling to her teammates there was a medical emergency. 

Lifeguards Anthony Eberhardt, Ben Becker and Reid Lawson took on other roles to assist Oestreich with the unconscious patron while swim instructor Isabella Duran safely cleared the pool of other swimmers and comforted a friend of the person involved.

Aquatics manager Liz Renaud called 911 and briefed Metro West EMS personnel when they arrived a few minutes later.

“We are extremely grateful for the professionalism shown by the staff at The Pointe,” said Brad Shelton, Metro West’s deputy chief medical officer. “Knowing and properly activating their emergency action plan had a profound impact on the life of a community member and we are honored to help celebrate this job well done.”

The stricken man was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and later released.

Performed late in January, the good deed occurred when a Ballwin resident tried to turn her car around after noticing a public works tree trimming crew was at work in the street.

As she attempted to turn around in a driveway, her car became stuck on an inlet and she was unable to move her vehicle in either direction.

John Lott [left] with Mayor Tim Pogue and Shane Kelly

Coming to her aid were Ballwin employees John Lott, Shane Kelly, Andrew Noyes and Rob Viehmann. After making sure the drive was safe, they were able to free her car without damage and send the woman on her way.

Anthony Ewing received the 2018 Michael Flamion award for Employee of the Year due to his efforts to have the Flags for Forgotten Soldiers displayed in the city’s Vlasis Park last summer.

An Army veteran, Ewing, along with his wife, brought together local residents and employees from all departments to set up and maintain the display to help raise awareness of the suicide rate among military veterans.  

The traveling memorial was maintained for two weeks before being transferred to the next destination.

The Employee of the Year award is named in honor of the Ballwin Police Officer seriously injured by a gunshot wound in July 2016.

Ballwin employee Anthony Ewing [left] receives congratulations from Mayor Tim Pogue after receiving the 2018 Employee of the Year award.
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