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Midstates Club Hockey Association’s senior all-star team rosters announced, game times set

By: Warren Mayes

Seniors have been chosen the Midstates Club Hockey Association’s annual all-star games.

The North Conference all-star game will be played Saturday (March 9) at 7 p.m. at the St. Peters Rec Plex.

Here are the two North Conference teams and their rosters.

Lafayette Grant Robinson
Lafayette Jacob Rosomoff
Parkway South Henry Kasten
Parkway South Vince Zerega
Priory Chris Friemel
Priory Michael O’Keefe
Westminster Jack Canfield
Westminster Joe Schroeder
Edwardsville Andrew Larose
Edwardsville Mitchell Oberlag
Fort Zumwalt South Evan Johnson
Fort Zumwalt South Avery Kosel
Fort Zumwalt West Jeremy Franklin
Francis Howell Erik Wiggins
Francis Howell Erik Wiggins
Francis Howell North Sam Kenton
Priory Sam Benoist
Westminster George Jones
Fort Zumwalt South Kory Strickland
Westminster Sam Canfield
Westminster Tom Canfield

White Team

Marquette Daniel Fridman
Marquette Ben Chase
MICDS Nicholas Mellanby
MICDS Samer Hajji
Parkway West Jordan Wilkins
Parkway West Tarik Baig
Duchesne Vinny Conti
Duchesne Matt Koffman
Fort Zumwalt East Kyle Layton
Fort Zumwalt East Andrew LaBeau
Francis Howell Central Fletcher Zieman
Francis Howell Central Tim Schmidt
Wentzville Holt James Vandervort
Wentzville Holt Brandon Coomer
Wentzville Timberland Ryan Tanner
Wentzville Timberland Logan Arand
Parkway West Luke Leahy
Fort Zumwalt East Dominic Ferguson
Marquette Gary Tockman
Marquette Mike Selby
Wentzville Timberland Rob Bell

The South Conference all-star game will be played Sunday (March 10) at 5:15 p.m. at Webster Groves Ice Rink.

Here are the two South Conference teams and their rosters.
Blue Team
CBC Grant Kleinschmidt
CBC Jack Ritter
DeSmet Josh Abel
DeSmet Ben Lodes
Fox Alec Zoph
Kirkwood Jack Reilly
Kirkwood Ferrell Yoviene
Ladue Carson Acree
Ladue Cam Stefek
Lutheran South Nick Wood
Summit Jonathan Adkins
Summit Christian Issa
Seckman Joey Gryglewski
Seckman Zack Stetina
SLUH Justin Jacoby
SLUH Ian Carden
St. Mary’s Reilly Kremer
St. Mary’s Kurt Hufker
DeSmet Dan Karr
Kirkwood Tyler Glick
Seckman Jake Bachesta
DeSmet Chris Durso
Seckman Rob Westervelt

White Team

Chaminade Jacob Behnen
Chaminade Vinny Servizzi
Eureka Adam Bailey
Eureka Mitch Gabel
Clayton Daniel Cohen
Clayton Oliver Gaffney
Lindbergh Jake Blessing
Lindbergh Brady Lange
Northwest Jake Schlereth
Northwest Ryan Lindsey
Oakville Scott Douglas
Oakville Luke Harashe
O’Fallon Donovan Balisteri
O’Fallon Ethan Ourada
Vianney Danny McGlynn
Vianney Andrew Cook
Webster Groves Andrew Masters
Webster Groves Tyler Ott
Chaminade Hampus Blomdahl
Northwest Clayton Davis
Webster Groves Eaton Gowan
Clayton Dave Brennan
Northwest Ziggy Ziegler

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