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Wildwood’s community garden to be relocated

The Wildwood Community Garden looks to be moving soon. At the March 11 meeting, the Wildwood City Council gave final approval of Bill #2453, an ordinance to authorize the city administrators to begin work on relocating the garden. The projected cost of the move is currently stated as about $60,000.

Wildwood residents work in the Community Garden last summer. Source: Wildwood Farms Community Garden Facebook Page

The Wildwood Community Garden launched in March of 2011 as a partnership effort between the city and Greenberg Development Company. A 7,000 square-foot parcel on the corner of Main Street and Taylor Road was designated by lease for use as a community garden. However, in October of last year, the city was notified by Greenberg Development that they were terminating the lease.

The news put the wheels in motion for city officials to find a new home for the garden.

The need to relocate the garden didn’t hit the community or city officials as a complete surprise. It was always the intent of Greenberg Development Company to further develop the space. At the November 26, 2018 meeting, city council members unanimously passed a resolution approving the construction of Wildwood Senior Apartments [The Prime Place] on the site where the Community Garden now resides.

After a review by the city’s Planning and Parks Committee and recieving input from the community, the decision was made to recommend moving the garden to a portion of unused land near city hall. This property is already owned by the city of Wildwood.

However, cultivating and preparing the property to serve as a garden does come at a financial cost. City Co-Administrator Joe Vujnich explained that given the investment the city has made since 2011, it was worth the requested funds to move the garden to the new site.

“Over the span of about seven years [since the garden was opened], the city was spent about $100,000,” Vujnich told the city council. “So, what we’re attempting to do here is recreate the garden at $60,000.”

At its new home, the garden will have 140 plots, the same number it had at the end of last year. Vujnich told the council there will be room to expand the garden, if needed, up to an additional 100 plots. Residents of Wildwood can inquire to City Hall about the availability of plots.

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