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Rich & Charlie’s Pizza – The pizza difference that has become a classic

The Classics! A New York Grinder Sandwich, the famous Rich & Charlie’s Salad, Baked Mostaccioli and St. Louis’ own signature thin crust pizza topped with homemade sauce, fresh toppings and Provel cheese.

Back in the day, neighborhood pizzerias were the place to find great pizza. If the neighborhood is Town & Country, it still is. Rich & Charlie’s Pizza, at the intersection of Clayton and Woods Mill roads in Town & Country, has been the epicenter for hand-crafted pizza since 1995.

Rich & Charlie’s Pizza is located just two doors down from its Town & County sister restaurant – Rich & Charlie’s – whose menu never included pizza. The reason was simple. No room.

“We opened Rich & Charlie’s Pizza because we didn’t have room for a pizza oven down there,” said co-owner Sue Puleo. “We thought we would do something different down here, so we have pizzas, salads and sandwiches. We do have the same house salad and a couple of the pastas that they have at the restaurant, but if you want pizza there, you won’t find it. This is the place for pizza.”

Indeed, it is.

“We make our own homemade sauce made with the same recipe as we have since day one. We use the same cheese. That’s what people like about us,” said Andrew Puleo, Rich & Charlie’s Pizza chef and manager, who notes that he is “Provel proud” but still keeps mozzarella on hand for those who request it. “We take pride in doing things the same way. The way we’ve always done it. Other places might take shortcuts but we don’t.”

In 24 years, the taste and style of Rich & Charlie’s Pizza hasn’t changed. Pizzas are generously  topped and made to order on St. Louis’ signature style crust – thin and crispy. Over the years there have been a few additions to the menu but never changes to the restaurant’s signature pizza.

Added to the menu is a Chicago Deep Dish, along with a few specialty pizzas such as a tomato lovers’ favorite, the Pommadoro, a pizza you won’t find anywhere else. The Pommadoro starts with a Rich & Charlie’s Pizza original topped with diced tomatoes, red onions, basil and garlic that has been marinated in Rich & Charlie’s famous salad dressing.

A  Buffalo Chicken, an Italian Beef and a Meat Lovers have also made their way onto the menu. But Rich & Charlie’s classic combo, the Deluxe, remains a top seller. After all, as Andrew says, “You can’t beat a classic.”

Not hungry for pizza? No worries, consider a sandwich, salad or one of two baked pastas. If you’re craving a sandwich, pick from a diverse sandwich menu numbering  18, including Rich & Charlie’s famous New York Grinder, a Chicago-style Italian Beef  or even Grilled Tilapia. All are made from scratch with attention to quality.

“It’s our quality ingredients that set us apart. Nothing is premade, nothing comes out of a bag. Everything is made in house,” Andrew said. “We roast our beef and make our own meatballs [for the New York Grinder] using family recipes. Something else that makes us different – we have hamburgers. You wouldn’t think a pizza place would have good hamburgers but we do. People love them.”

From day one, Rich & Charlie’s Pizza was designed as a carry-out and delivery operation.  However, if you want to stay and eat-in, you’re welcome to grab one of the few seats, which number about eight. Either way, you’ll feel like family.

“People like the fact that we’re a family owned business and that our name has been around for 50 years,” said Sue. “It’s made a difference that has made us different since day one. That’s why we’re a one-of-a-kind pizza place.”

Rich & Charlie’s Pizza

1091 South Woods Mill Road • Town & Country • • (636) 230-7060

Hours: 11 a.m.- 9 p.m., Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday; 4-10 p.m., Saturday; 4-9 p.m., Sunday

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