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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Walter Williams

While I love living in Ballwin, having to come across Mr. Walter Williams’ propaganda paints a bad picture of this wonderful city. 

As Bernie Gollwitzer points out in his letter to the editor [April 3], Mr. Williams’ article on our “fragile planet” contained a lot of misinformation of the role of humans vs. the role of natural events on our environment. 

His latest commentary of the teaching scandal [“Millennials for Socialism,” April 17] is used to spout even more propaganda, using it as a starting point to condemn other cultures and other societies. 

Let me cite a few examples. He writes that “in most of the Middle East there are numerous limitations placed on women such as prohibitions placed on driving.” Fact is that there is only one country where these practices he mentions are all present. And guess what? It is also the country, we reward the most: Saudi Arabia [our business partner]. So what does it tell us about our values? 

I have been to Jordan, Libya, the United Arab Emirates and a host of other countries where women do drive and where you do not find “gentlemen’s clubs” where women have to perform naked for the entertainment of men. Is “gentlemen’s clubs” then a “western value”?

There is no need to put down other cultures and values to make us feel good about our own. There is plenty wrong within our own country. Reading this nonsense, I wonder if professor Williams has ever written such propaganda where he lives.

I will now pick up the West Newsmagazine from my mailbox and drop it straight into my recycle bin.

Zahir Ahmed

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