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Chesterfield Council approves change for outlet mall redevelopment

By: Jim Erickson

The District
The District

The Chesterfield City Council has given final approval to a measure that paves the way for a partial redevelopment of the Taubman Prestige Outlets property in the northeast quadrant of the I-64 and Boone’s Crossing interchange.

Approved unanimously with an amendment to the original proposal that received an earlier first reading, the redevelopment calls for creating a “retailtainment” venue known as The District, which will feature a mix of entertainment, recreational options and retail.

Submitted by TSG Chesterfield Lifestyle, LLC, the petition asked for a change in the maximum building height from the current 45 feet to 60 feet for a new pavilion and indoor theater on the site. All existing buildings and additional new structures will adhere to the present 45-foot limit.

Another requested change is designed to improve access to the western portion of the site. The modification would eliminate an existing access point in favor of a new, full-access entrance aligned with one directly across North Outer 40 Road.

The goal of the new configuration is to guide visitors toward a parking garage that will be dedicated to the indoor theater building. 

The live indoor music venue will accommodate audiences of up to 3,300 and will serve West St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Tim Lowe, vice president of leasing and development for The Staenberg Group, said he does not believe the facility will compete with Chesterfield’s outdoor amphitheater because artists who perform in indoor locations generally don’t perform at outdoor sites.

According to Lowe, an entertainment area on the east side of the property, adjacent to TopGolf, will include activities such as bowling, laser tag, wall climbing, an indoor rope course, a virtual reality location, bocce ball and pickleball.

An outdoor pavilion will serve as the “front door” to the development and be a gathering space for visitors. It also will include a stage and open space for events, outdoor dining and entertainment.

Four sit-down restaurants will be part of the dining district. Outdoor seating will be included, along with what is described as “unique fast-casual and fast-food options.”

The amendment included as part of the approval calls for a traffic management plan addressing vehicle queues on North Outer Forty Road between Boone’s Crossing and the western access point. 

 An additional provision states that entrance to the garage from the western entrance not include paid or metered parking, vehicle access barriers or other design elements that cause delay.

Lowe said plans call for the first phase of the redevelopment to open in March 2021. That initial part will include the music venue and the parking garage that will serve those attending events there.

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