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Winchester approves court agreement with Ballwin

The city of Winchester has approved an agreement that will move municipal court activities to Ballwin, effective June 6.

Approved unanimously by the Winchester Board of Aldermen, the transfer means the city’s final municipal court session will be Wednesday, June 5, a date that had been set before the agreement was approved.

Winchester municipal court activities now housed at city hall on Lindy Boulevard at Manchester Road soon will join with those at Ballwin’s new city administration building in Vlasis Park.

The Ballwin Board of Aldermen is expected to act officially on the measure at its May 13 meeting, although city officials already have agreed in principle to the transaction.

The agreement is for five years but can be renewed.

Barbara Beckett, Winchester’s city administrator, said the city does not have the facilities at its own administration building on Lindy Boulevard to meet the additional requirements the state now enforces for municipal courts. 

 Ballwin is in the process of moving its municipal court activities to the new city administration building at 1 Government Center in Vlasis Park. And, while those wanting to pay traffic ticket fines can do so at the new site, court sessions on May 7 and May 14 still will be held at the 300 Park Drive location.

Court dates in June and later will be at the 1 Government Center building.

Discussions also continue on Winchester’s contracting with the Ballwin Police Department for policing services.

Winchester’s current contract with the St. Louis County Police Department expires at the end of the year, but the city must give at least six months notice if it doesn’t plan to renew that contract.  Accordingly, a decision to have Ballwin provide police services would need to be made before July 1.

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