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Students shine at Festival of Learning

Katilyn De Groot and Julie Brasfield tell fellow second graders all about the planet of Neptune

The classrooms and hallways of Twin Oaks Christian School were transformed to represent a variety of educational research themes for the 2019 Festival of Learning & Art Show. 

Students in grades kindergarten through eighth researched a subject and prepared a visual example to present to friends and family. Topics included weather, animal habitats, body systems, planets, states and novel engineering. 

New to 2019 was the fifth grade‚Äôs novel engineering unit where each student read a book, chose a problem from the story and came up with a physical solution. Students also had to write a new chapter for the book highlighting the proposed solution. 

The middle school showcased a science fair where students shared a two-minute presentation before answering questions related to their topic. 

Fourth grader Petra Colic answers questions about the state of Ohio.
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