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Smoking ban legislation introduced in Town & Country

A proposed smoking ban on property or premises owned or leased by the city of Town & Country was introduced at the May 13 Board of Aldermen meeting.

Those properties include, but are not limited to, buildings, grounds, parks, playgrounds, sports arenas and parking lots. Specific buildings include the West County EMD/FPD fire station, Longview Park Farm, Drace Park, Preservation Park and Town Square, but not the Municipal Center.

The ban would include all tobacco, leafy plant material in the form of cigarettes, cigars and pipes, and the use of electronic vapor products.

During the work session preceding the meeting, concerns about the proposal were raised, citing a prior lawsuit in the city of Clayton [Gallagher v. City of Clayton, 2011] in which the plaintiff claimed his constitutional rights were violated. The final decision by the presiding judge in that case upheld the smoking ban and did not find validity in the plaintiff’s claims.

Regardless, Town & Country plans to consult with legal counsel and continue to discuss the matter, including at the annual alderman retreat on May 18, before a possible vote on Tuesday, May 28.

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