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No apparent serious injuries in accident at Clarkson-Manchester intersection

This car rolled over at the Manchester-Clarkson intersection after a collision with a Metro West command staff vehicle. Metro West fire truck in the background responded to the scene and was not involved in the mishap.

A Metro West Fire Protection District command staff vehicle and a mid-size SUV collided at the Clarkson-Manchester Road intersection, causing the latter car to roll over in mid-afternoon on Thursday, May 16. However, an Ellisville police officer at the scene said he does not believe either driver was injured seriously, although the driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital to be checked. 

A Metro West ambulance and a fire truck responded to provide on-site assistance and transportation to the hospital.

According to sketchy details available at the scene, the Metro West vehicle, driven by a battalion chief responding in support of an emergency call in the Castlewood area, was southbound on Clarkson when it collided with the eastbound Chevrolet Equinox at the Manchester intersection. 

The eastbound vehicle rolled over and came to rest on its top just east of the intersection. Both drivers are believed to have been wearing seatbelts.

The traffic lights at the site are equipped with sensors that enable emergency vehicles to signal for the right-of-way as they approach the intersection, but it was not immediately clear if that was a factor in the accident. 

The Metro West vehicle sustained what appeared to be comparatively minor front-end damage, primarily on its left side.

Due to the roll-over in the eastbound lanes and the emergency vehicles at the scene, traffic at the intersection was backed up for some time after the accident.

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