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Making friends with Fido

A Raintree School pre-kindergartner proves it’s never too early to give back.

Town & Country’s Raintree School pre-kindergartners, ages 4 and 5, decided they wanted to spend their time helping dogs. 

The students took a trip to the Humane Society to learn about the kinds of problems dogs have. Then, back at Raintree, they discussed the problems and potential solutions. After much discussion, the children decided that dogs need collars to help prevent them from getting lost, especially after finding their forever homes.

After brainstorming and taking a survey, the children decided to create a cookie and ice cream stand to earn money to purchase collars for the Humane Society’s dogs. The children spent the next few months researching how to make cookies and ice cream, how to build a stand, and how to create signs and menus. After trying out their stand on campus, they moved it to Bentley’s Pet Stuff in Wildwood to seek community support. 

“We don’t have to wait until we’re grown-ups to help dogs,” Josie, age 5, said, summing up the feelings of her classmates.

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