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A mausoleum coming to a city park near you?

By: Bonnie Krueger

The city of Town & Country Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a resolution on May 28 that will explore the possibility of adding 13 acres of land to its parks system.

The property would be donated by Earl and Juanita Weinman if an agreement can be reached regarding the use of the land.

The Weinmans want to construct a mausoleum, to be used exclusively for their entombment, on a plot of land not to exceed one acre. The remaining tract of about 12 acres would become “The Earl and Juanita Weinman Memorial Park” and would be maintained by the city.

The mausoleum and surrounding landscaping and benches would be constructed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, with the final plans approved by the city. The remainder of the land could include walking trails, a picnic pavilion, restrooms, a parking lot and playground with green space and natural materials covering at least 75% of the area.

The approved resolution authorizes City Administrator Bob Shelton and the city attorney to take the steps necessary to negotiate an agreement through the Weinman Trust for subsequent board consideration.

In exchange for the property, the city will maintain the mausoleum structure and its surrounding landscape in good condition and repair for as long as the city owns the property.

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