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Parkway celebrates award-winning custodian

Recent “Light of Parkway” award recipient Darryl Bolden retired as custodian after working 19 years at Bellerive Elementary. To show appreciation, 400 students surprised Bolden with thank you notes during the school’s field day on May 17. 

Bolden was also grill master of the day and served “Darryl’s Dogs.”

At the Parkway award presentation, his nominator said, “The entire Bellerive community loves, admires and respects their head custodian, Darryl Bolden. For 19 years, he has been the watchdog who keeps students safe and supported at school. When the building [and the rest of St. Louis] was inundated in snow on January 11, Bolden put on his boots and arrived to work early on Monday morning to shovel the paths needing clearance. He shoveled the playground, too, so students could burn off some energy and not have to stay inside.”

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